Newport’s kindest people

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 14.22.02We love Newport. Not just because of Friar’s Walk, the Celtic Manor and the Transporter Bridge – we love it because of us.  The people.

Newportonians: sometimes stubborn, often cynical and always very very kind.

We help each other out.  We care.

Newport City Homes want to celebrate that, and this is why we thought up #HatsOffNewport.

What is #HatsoffNewport?

In a nutshell: it’s people posting videos on Facebook and Twitter, nominating the kindest person they know in Newport

You film yourself wearing a hat, say who you think is the kindest person in Newport and then ‘take your hat off to them’.

For example:

“I nominate Josephine Blogs as Newport’s kindest person,
because she’s always helping people out. She dropped
everything to save me when my car broke down last week and
she’s always there when I need her.  Josephine – I take my hat
off to you!”
[Doffs hat]

Then you post this video to your Facebook profile and/or Twitter profile and then ask three friends to make their own video.

You can do it any way you like: you can be emotional, silly, or even mock the whole concept.  However we’ll encourage you to tag your posts with ‘#HatsOffNewport’ and make your post publicly searchable in order to be to be eligible for a prize.

We’ll be looking for eligible videos and sharing them on our blog.

Go to ‘Your Videos‘ for a whole bunch of the videos so far.